Coclico Cares

Coclico Cares

Sustainability is core to our design process, but it's something we also consider internally in all facets of our business. While our team is spread out across the world, it is comprised of some the most passionate, conscious, and stylish women in the industry - we learn from one another constantly. With that said we're highlighting our New York team who spoke more to the idea of giving back and championing sustainability and social good this holiday season.

Read on to meet Jessica, Daniella, and Chelsea and know that no matter where we are in the world, we're proud to say that Coclico cares. And we always will.

Jessica Fish
Meet Jessica

I am Jessica, the retail and web-store manager at Coclico. If you ever need help finding your next favorite pair or have any questions about Coclico shoes, I'm your gal.

Team Talks

The team at Coclico is made up of caring, intelligent, and curious women, so it's only natural that Coclico, as a company, should care about how we can make a difference. 

We are constantly talking about sustainability and how to reduce our eco-footprint as a business. This has definitely rubbed off on my personal consciousness, as well. I had no idea about the different processes for tanning leather and how they affect the environment before I worked here.

Also, as such a small company, we often speak about our place in the social community. I have found myself asking the same questions to myself as an individual. Right now, more than ever, it feels so important to support the many organizations that are not being supported by our current administration.

Coclico Cares

I was part of the Women's March last January in Washington. Afterward, there were many letter writing and phone calling initiatives that I took part in. Since then, there have been smaller marches and candlelight vigils organized in my town in support of immigration rights, and racial and gender equality. My son is only 7, and I think it is really important for him to learn to both speak up and act when he sees inequality or bad behavior.

Everytown for Gun Safety, Planned Parenthood, Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, and UNICEF are a few of the organizations I have supported recently. There are so many worthy choices, it is easy to get tied up in trying figure out where to donate when funds are limited, so I just go with my gut and then use a third party rating system like Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, or Guide Star, to validate my choice.

Daniella Hildebrandt

Meet Daniella

I'm Daniella, and I'm the Production Manager at Coclico. I process orders, submit them to our factory in Mallorca, ensure orders are shipped accurately and timely, reconcile accounts receivables and everything in between! 

Team Talks

Our team is comprised of a passionate group of women who inspire me day in and day out. The last year has been a tough climate, but I find comfort in our honest conversations and knowing that there are other people out there that also care about what is happening in our own country and abroad.

Coclico Cares

Yamba Malawi, formerly Goods for Good, is an organization that empowers the Malawi community by providing education, sustainable food programs and aid in business development. I volunteered at a few Gala for Good events, and I love following their progress on Instagram and appreciate that they're helping the Malawi community with the end goal of self-sufficiency.

Chelsea Baumberger

Meet Chelsea

Hi, I'm Chelsea. I split my time between our showroom and our retail store performing tasks in the wholesale and retail aspects of our business, as well as contribute to our social media. You may know me from the store. Hey!

Team Talks

It's important to be very humble in conversations surrounding sustainability and social good in that the discussion should never end and it should always evolve. Recognize when it's important to speak up and recognize when it's important just to listen and learn. We should constantly be looking for ways to improve and grow. It's inspiring to be working with a team that understands this. I feel very fortunate to work for a brand where the conversation can flow, where we can push each other to be better than we were the day before.

Coclico Cares

The first organization that springs to mind is Planned Parenthood. I've been contributing to Planned Parenthood for years, but it's also important to support smaller, local women's clinics located wherever it is that you are living, as they often get overshadowed by the attention PP receives.

On a more specific note, an organization that I believe is doing beautiful work is the TransWomen of Color Collective. Their mission is to "uplift the narratives, lived experiences and leadership of trans and gender non-conforming people of color." This work is incredibly important as TransWomen of Color often fall victim to acts of physical violence and systemic oppression at higher rates than any other group. I love that this organization is built up of members of the community they seek to support.

Furthermore, this holiday season I feel that it's really important to remind everyone that aside from organizations and charities, it's really critical to support your communities and your neighborhoods directly. Consider patronizing businesses that support and uplift your local arts community or perhaps even an independent magazine that supports independent/emerging artists to pay their bills.

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Photos by Bridget Badore for Coclico