Meet the Team Behind Coclico

The normally reclusive team behind Coclico came out of hiding for a special "meet the team" feature on The Style Line. A heartfelt thanks to Rachel Schwartzmann  for asking the hard questions! We are all avid readers of The Style Line and value its in-depth coverage that allows for more than just the sound bites. Fashion is a complicated business and we have so much to say about it! If  you've ever wondered about the who, what and why's behind the scenes at Coclico here is a rare opportunity to find out what makes us tick.
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"At Coclico, we believe that luxury isn’t the ability to purchase endlessly, but the privilege of choosing wisely."



Sandra Canselier: Coclico Founder and President

"Most of the time spent outside of Coclico is with my family and close friends. As French born and raised, good food, wine, great conversations, and the occasional escape, are very much part of who I am."
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Her summer goto pair:  The GRASS summer bootie, its the perfect run around style that I can wear from the day's many meetings to the playground and then onto a drink with friends in Williamsburg.

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Coclico Front of House

Meet the team behind Coclico
"The Coclico customer possesses a refined simplicity, but is not to be underestimated. They are the people you talk with for hours whose core values are the stuff of inspiration." - Chelsea 
"I’ve discovered the Coclico customer is often inspiring, and an undercover badass doing her part to make a positive impact in some way or another."  - Sarah

Coclico Behind The Scenes

Meet the team behind Coclico
“We’re all speaking to each other of interests and values simply by getting dressed in the morning.” – Diana


See what more the team has to stay about Slow Fashion, sustainability, and creativity here.