Slow Strides: 3 Shoes Moving the Conversation Forward

Slow Strides: 3 Shoes Moving the Conversation Forward


With the start of Spring, we're hitting a new stride. The change in season has inspired a sense of reflection on what we as a brand have accomplished along with planning the next steps we hope to take for the season - and year - ahead.


Origins of the OOHLALA Sandal

"The OOHLALA sandal is Coclico to its core. We have had a following for the low heel/wedge sandal and bootie for just about ever. The OOHLALA's great-great-great-great-great-grandmother is the KINU sandal. There were others before her, but the KINU wedge really puts this low silhouette on the map for us. The OOHLALA is made on the same last, and so still has the same exact fit as her ancestor, but she's a thoroughly modern iteration. In 2016 we introduced a new architectural heel, keeping it in our signature wood. We also updated the toe character, adding angles and squaring it off just slightly. The OLLIE sandal was our first superstar on the new heel. This year, for some styles we color-blocked the heel in three wood tones. The OOHLALA addresses our current enthusiasm for slides and the pleated leather band perfectly illustrates the way we like to do ornamentation. It's technical, subtle, timeless, and interesting without being overpowering." Shop it here.


Looking back, there was a time when we were just one of a handful of slow and sustainably mindful fashion-forward brands. We don't do this for notoriety; instead, we want the entire industry to think and work in this way. Now that people are more familiar with the business model it's easier for us. Explaining the value of the choices we are making for our product, the cost of small batch production, the lower margins we take, the desire to only design what will be consumed - all of this has really started to resonate. As a result, this has and continues to dictate the choices we make in building the Coclico brand.

Since our inception, we have long resisted the department store buying cadence. Our design philosophy is guided by the idea of "timelessness," which for us means only releasing styles we feel can have a coherent existence in a wardrobe for many seasons. We're future-thinking while staying true to our distinct signature look. In fact, we hope that the select styles photographed for this story are a testament to this idea and the strides we've made in both form and fashion.

Origins of the NARWHAL Heel

"We have a long, loving relationship with the high-vamped pump with a deep v-cut throat-line. The directed lines contour the foot in an elegant way; often, the suggestion of reveal on the more covered up styles has a mysterious beauty. Past styles where we used this technique to the extreme have become real Coclico signatures, like the JUNE wedge and CHAPMAN heel. The BALTA and CHTSA are more direct forbears of the NARWHAL. These styles are understated so you can wear them as part of the daily uniform. We love seeing this silhouette brought down low onto such a wearable wood heel, and in such lovely colors. The Celeste is the palest mint shade, just enough to pop when paired with summer whites. And the Deep Rose is one of those colorful neutrals that we so love discovering and adding to the collection. It goes with everything but is anything but boring." Shop it here. 


As we look towards the future, and with retail's rapid changes, we're pulling into ourselves a bit more so that we can have more control of the way we release Coclico into the world. This could very well mean a second location for our retail store! But we are still very much looking for the perfect spot, so this is only an idea at the moment. In the meantime, we are striving to have more pairs available online. We're lucky that the most frequently voiced complaint we hear from customers these days is that we're sold out - we’re trying to rectify this to ensure that we have ample product offerings for our customers when they want it.

On that note, we are also looking to improve the availability of Coclico for Canadian customers in the immediate future. As a European-made brand, we see a chance with the Canadian-EU trade agreement to relieve our dear neighbors to the north of some of the burdens and stresses of shopping cross-border. We are only a moment away from a solution, so stay tuned for more on this front!

Origins of the BIG EASY Sandal

"We cut our teeth on open-toed booties. We started off doing this look on higher heels and wedges but quickly introduced styles like TYRION, OZARK, ZIGGY and then the ZEPHYRA all of which stayed in the collection for a number of years. The keyhole reveal is the obvious link between these hybrid sandal-booties, but true to a majority of our collection you'll also notice a conspicuous lack of hardware for a streamlined look. The BIG EASY is as a fresh take. The puzzle wood heel adds an element of fun, while the upper is as bold as its predecessors. We think BIG EASY is a little 'prettier' than past styles, a good complement to loose and flowing summer apparel." Shop it here.


Regarding production practices, our goal is to stay the course by always being open to better ways. We often move forward with small changes - but they add up. For example, this year, we've introduced a new natural rubber latex insole with recycled cork and linen in addition to our recycled PU insole.

We are continually working to maintain a balance between who we are and how we want the Coclico brand to evolve. Take solace (and inspiration) in this update, and know that our small team is working diligently to maintain the highest level of quality, sustainability, and thoughtful design.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Coclico